Protection. Performance. Peace of Mind.

Insight Computing offers a wide variety of services. Having computer problems and slowness? We offer comprehensive computer repair. Starting a new business or unhappy with your current IT support? Insight Computing offers our proprietary maintenance program to get your network up and running and the tools needed to keep it that way.

IT Planning

and Budgeting

Let Insight Computing help you put together a schedule for replacing equipment and upgrading the software needed to run your business.


It is likely that the computing hardware for your business will need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years and your software upgrades even more frequently.


Let our experienced technicians help you review your options.



Network Designs

and Implementation

Insight Computing has helped hundreds of customers configure networks that provide the interconnectivity they require, including secure remote-access systems and networks linking multiple locations.


From individuals to companies with multiple users, Insight Computing has the tools and knowledge needed to keep you and your company connected.


Maintenance Program

Insight has created a proprietary maintenance program for clients. This comprehensive approach to server maintenance is the key to ensuring that clients are protected from unplanned events and that they are getting the most productivity from their systems.


A detailed look at recent and current performance of all aspects of the server environment is completed to ensure that the system is running at an optimum level and to identify potential problems early on so they can be addressed.


Backup Solutions

How long can your business function without its computer system? We have some clients who require that they be up and running within a few hours of a catastrophe or equipment failure; while others can get by for a few days. There are a wide range of data backup solutions on the market today.


There are many options for storage and backup: from storing files and data off-site in a “cloud” to storing it on flash drives. Insight Computing recommends that our clients give serious consideration to a solution that backs up your entire system to an external hard drive. That way, data, files and software can be quickly and easily downloaded and restored to new hardware, limiting costly downtime.



Planning and Management

Moving? Thinking of Moving? Let Insight Computing help you manage the process. We have orchestrated many client moves.


We can advise you on wiring, phones, network configuration, and electrical issues that should be considered before committing to a location.


We are experienced in managing and coordinating the activities of outside suppliers involved in setting up the new workspace.


Most importantly we can move and install your computing equipment with minimal disruption to the business.


Strength Security Packages

Insight-Computing recommends multi-pronged approaches to securing one of your firm's most valuable assets... your data. Keeping confidential information secure requires vigilance.


Our Protection Package Includes:


  • Firewalls that analyze all data moving in and out of your company.

  • Antivirus software that provides automatic updates that protect against the latest threats.

  • Data encryption systems that make your data unreadable to outsiders.

  • The design and implementation of a comprehensive documentation and data retention and destruction process.